Enjoy awesome animation

Six chapters with amazing illustration

and beautifull animation. 

Professional voice-over artists

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Krylova Tatyana, Russia

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Krylova Tatyana, Email

iOS Developing, Marketing

Alexander Pozakchine, Russia

Alexander Pozakchine, Website
Alexander Pozakchine, Twitter
Alexander Pozakchine, Email


Alla Bobyleva, Russia

Alla Bobyleva, Website
Alla Bobyleva, Facebook
Alla Bobyleva, Behance

Character Animation

Lolingboy Fahrezi, Indonesia

Lolingboy Fahrezi, Facebook
Lolingboy Fahrezi, Instagram
Lolingboy Fahrezi, Email

Object Animation

Arissa Ito, Motion Designer, Brazil

Arissa Ito, Website
Arissa Ito, Email

Voice Over - Russian

Alexandra Aubekerova, Russia

Alexandra Aubekerova, Instagram

Voice Over - Japanese

Yurie Hoyoyon, Japan - Canada

Yurie Hoyoyon, Facebook

Voice Over - English

Redd Horrocks, USA

Redd Horrocks, Website
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Redd Horrocks, Facebook

Music, Sound Effects

Mark Shwedow, Ukraine

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